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What to Put on a Mouse Trap for Bait

Mice can eat almost everything and this makes it possible for you to use several baits to trap these rodents. Even so, there are some things that are effective to be used in mouse traps. In this segment, we’ll look at what to put on a mouse trap for bait to control mouse.

What to Put on a Mouse Trap for Bait

To start with, mice have a strong sense of smell. So, foods rich in proteins, sugar, and fats are perfect to be put on a mouse trap for bait. Don’t confuse however that bait does not need to be food. Even nesting materials are good ingredients to mice. Below is some effective bait to put on a mouse trap.

  • Jelly beans
  • Tiny bits of cooked bacon or small pieces of thinly sliced hot dog
  • Few drops of molasses or honey
  • Pet food is a hot cake to the mouse. If you have a pet, ensure her food is stored in a place where rodents can’t access. Rodents like pet food a lot.
  • Mice also love cotton and dental floss. They are great nesting materials
  • Peanut butter with an aroma too is a huge attractant and common with mice.

How to Bait a Mouse Trap

  1. Use as little bait as you can. If you use much of it, the mouse will bite part of it and will not trigger the trap. You will just be feeding them and not controlling their invasion. You will attract more mice than you thought.
  2. Bait is just part of the entire process of trapping mice. It will attract the mice but if the trap is not set well and placed at a proper place, your efforts are fruitless. It sounds simple but the results will count.
  3. Change the bait on a regular basis no matter the type of food you are using as bait. Bait which has overstayed will rot or the smell will lessen hence, it will not be attractive to mice. Fresh bait is the most effective and attractive to mice.

Different Types of Mice Traps

Before you can decide on what to put on a mouse trap for bait, it’s important that you understand different types of mice traps. Choosing the right mouse traps will help you to eliminate mice fast and effectively. Below are several types of mice traps.

Snap Traps– For these traps to function as intended, you need to set as required. Once set, when the mice step on it, it sprung and the trap comes down with force killing the mice on the spot. Children and pets should not access these traps.

Glue Traps-In my opinion; this is the most common mouse trap that the majority is familiar with. The trap is a piece of paper with a sticky layer of glue. The bait is placed in the middle and when the mice steps on the trap, it get stuck.

Rodent Zappers, Live traps, and Snap traps are other mouse traps that you can use. Do some homework on which method will be effective in your house.

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