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What can you run on a 3500 Watt Generator

Generators come in different sizes and each produces different watts.  For instance, there are generators that can generate 3000-watt, 5000 watts, and even 6000 watts. The type of generator you buy will depend on the watts it generates and things you intend to power during the outage. In this article, we are going to look at what can you run on a 3500-watt generator?

What can you run on a 3500 Watt Generator

First, a 3500 watt generator provides enough power to run one medium size appliance at a time. Second, there is a difference between running watts and surge watts. Running watts is the continuous power that a generator produces while surge watts provides an extra surge of power to start electric motors such as an electric table saw. In other words, a 3500-watt generator can provide power continuously and still, has a surge or reserve for starting a motor. However, the generator will function normally if you don’t exceed the surge capacity for more than 3 seconds.

Below is a group of items you can run on a 3500-watt generator.

  • Energy saving LED or CFL lights which consume about 14 watts each
  • A freezer, which on average consumes about 700 watts and needs 2100 to start
  • A refrigerator which needs 2100 to start and on average consumes 700 watts
  • A 1/3 hp sump pump which on average use 516 watts and needs 1550 to start

So, all these machines can run on a 3500-watt generator as long as none of the machines starts the same time. At the same time, assuming the generator has a surge capacity of 25% for starting the motors. So, if the freezer and refrigerator are running and each using 1400 watts, then turn on the sump pump that needs 1550, that sums to 2900 watts. This means you will be left with few watts to charge up your cell phone and run up your TV.

Other Items that can run on a 35oo watt Generator

What can you run on a 3500-watt generator apart from the above-mentioned items? The answer is simple; it depends on what you want to power with your generator. You need to do the calculations and you good to go.

  • DVD player 350 watts, 350 watts
  • Blender 850 watts, 850 w
  • Portable Fan120 watts, 40 watts
  • Electric Grill 1650 watts, 1800 watts
  • Laptop PC 225 watts, 225 watts
  • Hair Dryer 1900 watts, 1800 watts
  • Flat Screen Television 120 watts, 120 watts
  • Coffee Maker 600 watts, 600 watts
  • Electric heater, 1300 watts, 1300 watts

However, such a generator can serve you for long if you reduce the power rating also, power fewer items. Running a 3500-watt generator on full nameplate rating, it will have a short life cycle. So, as you go on the hunt for your generator, be sure the power output of your choice and the items you would be using. Don’t settle for a lesser watt output yet the items you have needs more power.


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  1. I am so tired of losing electricity. I am going to have to buy something like this for when it happens. Thanks for the advice.

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