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What can a 5kva Generator Power

If you buy a small generator, you are likely not run all your appliances when there is no power. Apart from that, overloading a generator is not recommended as it will not be able to run all the appliances. It’s, therefore, important that the generator you own should be able to power your tools without any worry of it going off.

With hundreds of models available, 5kva generator is one engine that can serve the purpose when there is a power outage. But, what can a 5kva generator power? A 5kva generator will run several items but not everything.

For you to understand what you need to run on this engine, start by establishing what you need to run on this generator. Second, you need to do the calculation of the wattage. If you have a large freezer/refrigerator, rice cooker, 1H.P deep well pump, microwave, a computer, TV, and lights, these appliances can run on a 5kva generator but not at once.

3500 Watts Tools

3500 Watts Tools

Alternatively, all power tools rated up to 2200 watts, redial saw or small air conditioner, small submersible pump, heating, lighting, ¾ hp motor (depending on the brand and model), microwave and oven can all run on a 4.4kva generator. In other words, you should not have any problem using your 5kva generator to power these tools.

1800 Watts Tools

1800 Watts Tools

Appliances that consume power up to 1800 watts include; a small fridge, ¼ to ½ hp motor (depending on the make and model), portable drill, jigsaw, toaster, heating, lighting, frying pan, and all power tools are all rated up to 1000 watts. It’s advisable that you get a 2.4kva generator is you intend to run these tools. However, if you plan on using them together with other heavy machines, a 5kva generator should be able to power them. (Not all of them but some). Still, you have to do some mathematics to establish the watts your appliances will use.

Take a look at the summary of the appliance and the watts they use.

  • Radio 60-watts
  • Radiator 1,000-2,500-watts
  • Refrigerator 100-800-watts
  • Clothes dryer 2,400-watts
  • Toaster 250-1,250-watts
  • Washing machine 500-3,000 watts
  • Welder, 140 Amp (non-inverter) 5,000
  • 9” Angle grinder 2,300-watts
  • Hot water service 2,500-3,000

Apart from the welder, all other items can get powered by a 5kva generator. I believe this article has answered the question what can a 5kva generator power? A point to note; before you can run any appliance, ensures you have done the right connection using the right cables. Also, use the right converter to ensure the required amount of power is supplied to your appliances.

In my opinion, every generator is capable of powering home appliances provided you use the right engine with the right appliances (those that consumes power less or equivalent to the power output). If you have used the 5kva generator, share with us the appliances you use to power and any challenges you face. What items are missing on the list that this engine can power? Share with us in the comment section below.



  1. Would this be a good type of generator to get for a backup during power outages? Winter storms in this area always make me a bit nervous so I’d like to get something that would power the most important household appliances in case of emergency.

  2. I need something that will run a few things, but not the entire house. I think this might be a good fit.

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