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Mouse Traps Woodies

There are areas considered the high-risk environment and such areas require an effective mice trap. Still, there are areas where rodenticide bait can’t be used. In such case, mouse traps Woodies are ideal for controlling mice invasion. These products have been designed to effectively and secretly eliminate mice invasion.

Woodie’s products are reliable, easy to clean (extremely hygienic), simple to use, and they have a simple design. In addition, these products can be placed in mice inhabited area and won’t cause any distraction. These products can be used in the following set-ups;

  1. Hospitality and catering environment
  2. Education and health establishments
  3. Food and pharmaceutical areas

Get yourself the following mouse traps Woodies and get rid of mice in your home.

Pest Free Zone-Pre Baited Wooden Mouse Trap Cd4

Pest Free Zone-Pre Baited Wooden Mouse Trap Cd4

This product is available in wood and metal. The color is wooden and it’s perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It has a strong powerful mechanism with a baited pedal for an advanced catch. As simple as it is, it’s a powerful device that can aid you to control mice.

Endomice Advanced Mice Trap

Endomice Advanced Mice Trap

This product is suitable for mice. It’s easy to set and it’s a reusable trap. In summary, this product can be explained in three simple words; Effective, simple to use, and effective.

Endomice Live Catch Mouse Trap

Endomice Live Catch Mouse Trap

Endomice Live Catch Mouse Trap is designed to catch live mice which you can then release unharmed in a different location. It’s quick to set up and use, it’s humane, and above all, perfect for trapping the live mouse. You can get one in the store near you.

These among many traditional and modern traps can aid you to control mice invasion. But, it should be noted that mice cause a lot of damage than you think. Although the majority thinks rodents are humane, don’t forget they multiply fast and the more they breed, the bigger the damage. So, better get rid of them immediately you notice their presence.

Effects of Mice in your Home

  1. Mouse droppings are believed to cause asthma in children. In other words, rodents are unsanitary.
  2. Mice spread bacteria and other materials through their droppings. The bacteria will contaminate food as a result; your food will get poisoned.
  3. Rodents are known for their gnawing activities. For this reason, your furniture is at a great risk.
  4. These creatures chew electric wires thus they are capable of causing house fires.

If you think about how much you are going to spend to replace books, food, clothing, and many other items destroyed, you better get rid of the mice as soon as you spot their presence.

How to Identify Mice Invasion

  1. Scratching noises from the walls, ceiling, and you can hear then gnawing your furniture
  2. Dark droppings under the sink, along walls, and in cupboards
  3. The distinctive smell of which is most characterized by the presence of mice. This smell is strong in enclosed areas like cupboard corners.

In summary, don’t welcome mice in your home.

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