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Mouse Traps Pets at Home

There are several ways to control mice infestation. There are mouse baits, traps and simple solutions that are effective to be used in your home. Some, if not all of this solution can be found in the nearby supermarket, trade centers, hardware or even DIY stores. The following are mouse traps pets at home that are capable of killing mouse within 24 hours.

Mouse Traps Pets at Home

Rodine-Mouse and Rat Killer

This product is suitable for eliminating rats and mice within the home and in the garden. It’s a Rentokil anticoagulant toxin containing Bromadiolone. Use this product in areas where mice have been spotted, behind the furniture, under kitchen units, and where droppings are seen.

Before you administer it, read the information on the product. However, it should be used as soon as mice infest your home.

Live capture MouseTrap

If you have mercy to rodents and you don’t want them dead, the live to capture mouse trap is the best alternative. This mouse traps pets at home but can be later released to a new location. In other words, this trap is easy to use and mouse friendly. No poison and no spring action.

This device is used on a flat surface or along the wall where mice run. To use it, apply some butter, chocolate or tuna to the inside of the end cap. After the capture, release the rodent far away from your home where it cannot recall or find its way back.

Clean Kill Mouse Trap

Stop following mice around you home and use this tool to eradicate them. This device is discreet and easy to use. Its simple design makes it easy to set and dispose of trapped rodents. It’s powerful and above all, humane. With it, you will not the mouse.

Use the clean kill mouse trap in areas where the mouse has been seen, where there are mouse droppings, behind the furniture, by walls, and kitchen units. To use it, you need to pull down the small door at the back of the trap, add a little bait then close. Pull the gate until it clicks. At this point, the trap will be ready for use.

Pasta Bait

If you have been using baits but the results were negative, then you should try pasta bait. It is highly palatable, fragrant bait against the mouse around the home. This product contains Difenacoum and is rich in the aroma which is attractive to mice. Come with simple and ready to use bait packs.

Use it in areas where mice activities are vigorous like under the kitchen cabinets, where droppings are found, and behind the furniture. Place the sachet as labeled. You don’t need to open this sachet when using this product. The mice themselves will find a way into the bait. Besides, it comes with a bait tray.

These are among the many mouse traps that you can use to control mice in your home or garden. It important that you don’t stick to one method rather alternates these techniques.

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