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Kid Size Zero Gravity Chair

Gravity chairs are more than just a seat. The best part, they are available for all ages. Improvements have kept on being made on these chairs to give users the best experience.  If you once thought zero gravity chairs are meant for adults only, you are wrong. Kid size zero gravity chairs are available and got several benefits to your kid.

Kid Size Zero Gravity Chair

There are several models each with different features. Let us look at some feature that these products have.

Headrests with Adjustable Hardware

There are three headrest options you can choose from; the fixed wing, curved wing, and adjustable wing headrest. Each headrest has an adjustable hardware that aids to set the head in unlimited positions. You can set it up, down or in the middle.

Elbow Positioning Pads

These features are designed to help kids in maintaining a neutral position especially the high side while using a tray. They are also critical as they prevent drawing back during inclining and recline. These elbow positioning pads can’t be used without positioning tray.

Butterfly Harness

They help to decrease the kyphonic sitting posture thereby maintaining the optimum position for breathing and interacting with the ecosystem.

The Positioning Tray

The position tray helps to maintain the upper extremities of the kids thus helping them to maintain a sitting posture. There are two models available; the white and the clear model. The white model helps in edging the kid from getting distracted during therapy sessions while the clear model helps the kid to see more of the environment.

Pelvic Belt

It helps to keep the pelvis of the child in the proper position within the seat and prevents him/her from sliding.

These chairs got more features than you might have thought. The good thing is that some of these models are portable. So, whether you are planning to go on a vacation or you are just relaxing in your lounge or garden, so will your kid too will have a great time

Benefits of Kid Size Zero Gravity Chair

Kid size zero gravity chair have several benefits to the kids. Some of these benefits include;

  1. Promotes proper sitting posture – Some models are made with fabrics which have a contoured seating surface with the pommel. The pommel is the one responsible for proper siting.
  2. They help and provide sacral and lateral thigh support.
  3. These chairs are helpful to kids who need special attention, for instance, those who can’t ride in a tradition car seat. Also, those kids who need to travel on their stomach or side, these seats are helpful
  4. Some models can be adjusted so that the backrest can be reversed and provide abdominal support when in a forward leaning position.

Have you considered purchasing a zero gravity chair for you kid? If you already have, what model is it? What are the pros and cons do you encounter. Finally, share with us your views about kid zero gravity chair. I believe this post was helpful.


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