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How to Remove Mouse Trap Glue from Dog

Glue traps are devices designed and perhaps is the most torturous way of trapping insects and rodents via a strong sticky. Even though this device has substantiated to be triumphant, in several occasions, they catch dogs and cats. Despite the fact you can free your dog by dissolving the glue, it’s imperative you contact a veterinary if your tame sustain any injury. Below are alternatives on how to remove mouse trap glue from the dog.

How to Remove Mouse Trap Glue from Dog

Use Safe Solvents

Oils are the best solvents to free a trapped dog. Peanut oil or corn oil, canola oil or any other vegetable-based cooking oil will work. Before you apply the oil, warm/heat it a bit by holding the bottle under the hot running water. Test the oil by placing it on your wrist. It should be warm and not hot before you apply on your pet.

If you don’t have cooking oil, then you can use peanut butter or butter. This, however, will leave your dog with some tasty smell.

Avoid Strong Solvents

Some glue manufacturers suggest the use of nail polish remover, mineral spirits or paint thinner, these solvents contain chemicals that are too strong. As a result, they may cause skin irritation. The fumes too are harmful and can make your pet sick. If you contemplating on using alcohol-based products like petroleum-based products, better avoid them because the same reasons mentioned above.

Rest and Recovery

When you are sick and you get an injection, you need some rest for some time. The same applies to your pet. After you remove the mouse trap glue, let her rest in a quiet place for a while because she is likely to be anxious. Before letting your pet rest, ensure you have removed as much of the glue as possible. After that, bath your pet in lukewarm water then work her fur using a gentle liquid soap.

Rinse and dry her with the towel before leaving her to rest. If you come across any injuries, call the veterinary. Finally, rinse your hands thoroughly to get rid of the entire residue that might have stuck on your hands.

Prevent any Future Trouble

Even though we have seen how to remove mouse trap glue from a dog without causing any harm, the fact is this glue isn’t an appropriate method of eliminating pests. In other words, this device works haphazardly, and in most cases cause severe suffering to animals they trap. In most cases, it is advisable not to use the glue or if you have to use them, place in places where your pets will not come into contact.

Keep in mind that dogs and cats like exploring those tiny areas in the house and therefore, you have to be keen when using it. Above all, you can also minimize the damage by checking the glue regularly to see if your pets are trapped.

Hope this will help you if you are considering using mouse trap glue in your home. Tell us what you think.

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