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How Often to Change Bait in Mouse Trap

The effective way to control mice in your home is to have good traps, bait and set it in the right place. However, if these traps are poorly designed not baited and set properly, they will be fruitless. On the other hand, if the mouse triggers the trap and is not caught, chances are it will become trap shy. As a result, it will be avoiding traps and the menace of rodent invasion will continue. One way to maintain effective trap is to change the bait but, how often to change bait in the mouse trap?

How Often to Change Bait in Mouse Trap

Before we discuss how often you should change, let’s look at the most effective mouse traps and rats traps.

For rats, the best bait is dried food, grain, dog biscuit, peanut butter, lard, and bacon (raw or un-smoked). Before setting up any of the baits, clean your hands. This is to reduce the chances of foreign odor’s spreading on the trap thus discouraging the rats.

Be careful while placing the trap in the bait in that the rats trigger the mechanism prior reaching it. Nevertheless, consider changing the bait if rats are around and they are not being caught. Moreover, don’t change the location of the trap. Finally, the bait in the trap should be clean and fresh. Clean the old and decaying bait from the trap.

For mouse traps, the best baits to use are peanut butter, mild cheese, dried fruit, grain, lard, and chocolate. And just like you set up rats baits, the same applies to mouse baits. Clean hands, the positon of the trap should be the same, and change the bait if they are ineffective but the mouse is still present.

Bait Replacement

Both mouse and rats are active during night times especially in dark and enclosed spaces. If rats and mouse are spotted during the day, then, the competition for food is high. In my opinion, your home is a den or breeding ground. In open places, these rodents hide against vertical surfaces, furniture etc. The amazing fact with rodents is that they are habitual creatures. In other words, they use the same spot on a daily basis. Still, their memory can’t forget the routes they use. And, they are curious about new things.

Replace baits after few days (2-3 days). Rats and mouse are attracted with clean and fresh baits. So leaving your bait to rot in the traps with hopes of catching a mouse is equal to encouraging breeding more. Also, it will take several days for rats and mouse to get used to traps in their territory before they enter the trap for the bait.

Placing the trap in unset position in mouse environment for a couple of days perhaps is the best way to familiarize rodents with the device. Take note of roof climber’s rats, these rodents are capable of walking along tree branches, power lines, and fence lines. These places are not good to place the mouse trap. Have been able to control rodents in your home? How often do you change mouse bait trap? Help someone get rid of nuisance rodents.

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