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Faulkner Zero Gravity Chair Replacement Parts

Faulkner zero gravity chair is one of the superior recliners with no reported inconveniences from users. Faulkner Chairs are available in a number of colors (green, blue, and beige with black accent, red). These colors add that stylish feeling and appearance than most zero gravity chairs available. The positive rating Faulkner zero gravity chair replacement parts have received is a clear indication that this chair will guarantee you comfort. Even so, after some time, you will need to replace some parts of your chair in order to continue enjoying using it. Let’s look at some parts you need to replace.

Faulkner Zero Gravity Chair Replacement Parts

Replacement Lacing

The Faulker Replacement Lacing can be replaced on Lafuma and Faulkner recliners. It’s recommended that if you use Faulkner zero gravity chair, you replace the recliner lacing after every two years. The good thing is that re-lacing is easy because the package comes with instructions. This replacement lacing has a metallic end which makes it easier to re-lace.

Faulker Serving Tray

This tray can hold food weighing up to 5 pounds. So, you can have your beverage with this handy serving tray. It is fully adjustable and can be attached either on the left or right-hand side of the recliner. You can change the position to out of the way or over your lap. However, this tray doesn’t fit on Faulker Laguna, Faulkner Newport, and Faulkner Newport.

Recliner Replacement Parts

This is a complete universal small oval black plastic pull recliner handle. Most people know this item as the Z hook. It comes with replacement instructions. So, if you have a broken handle, here is the item that makes your chair look brand new. You, however, need to get the measurements correct to avoid disappointments.

Other parts that you can replace are the frame and the fabric. And just like any other zero gravity chairs, Faulker chairs provides deep comfort and they are designed to withstand tear and wear. Even if it’s left outside for a couple of years, the frame will not succumb to rust. The seat of Faulker chair is made from a mesh material which is breathable. In addition, it’s padded for extra comfort.

Although this material may discolor over the time due to sun rays. If this worries you too much, you have an option of going for a foldable design which allows the chair to be stored in the house if you not using it. No worrying about the seat area as it is secured by a replaceable bungee elastic cord system. This enables this chair to conform to your body shape.

Staying in shape, exercising or if you have back pains should not worry you too much now that Faulker Zero Gravity chairs are available. This Faulker zero gravity chair replacement part has highlighted some of the parts you need to keep an eye on as you continue to enjoy the beauty and comfort of your chair. Nevertheless, just know that at some point, you will need to replace some parts.


  1. This is handy info since I’m getting a zero gravity chair. Have bookmarked this for when I need replacement parts in the future. Thanks!

  2. You mention being able to replace the fabric on a Faulkner recliner chair, but then you give no information where to get it.
    I need a green fabric for the larger chair.

    Any help finding a replacement fabric will be appreciated.

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