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Electric Start Snow Blower Just Spins

Do you have a snow blower in the house? If you do, the sight of snow gathering outside doesn’t cause any worry. However, this confidence is recipe for disaster if you have not thought about the various electrical and mechanical issues that could affect your equipment. For example, have you considered what you would do if your electric start snow blower just spins and has nothing more to show? Of course, there’s no way you can stop all snow blower problems, but it pays to know what causes them and ways of making the equipment work again. We have identified three common snow blower problems and offered simple solutions.

Electric Start Snow Blower Just Spins

Problem #1: Gas is leaking

It is common for a snow blower to leak gas and still run. Whether the leakage happens in the garage or on the driveway, it is important to find a solution immediately. Anomalies in the filter and gasket often cause this problem. Check the fuel house and fuel filter connections for any cracks. Check the condition of the fuel pump too and if damaged, replace them. Do you find the carburetor gasket and carburetor bowl gasket? If these are missing, you don’t have a choice but to find replacements.

Problem #2: Electric Start Snow Blower Just Spins

Many snow blower owners have had this experience. The blade spins but the machine is unable to throw snow. Visit online forums and you will find such concerns. It is possible for the engine to run and still have no snow thrown if the connection between engine and gear box is faulty. If you are new to this problem, you need to check a few things. Snow blowers come with shear pins, which break if the machine comes against unnecessary force, for example a rock. This is for safety reasons. Check if the pin is intact, and replace if necessary. You might also want to check for broken blades and damaged belt.

Problem #3: Snow Blower Doesn’t Start At All

There’s probably nothing more frustrating than a machine that won’t start. For a snow blower, this problem could be as a result of poor fuel condition. Some people leave the machine to stand for many months before using it.  Fuel does age and it will cause start up problems. What do you do? Simply drain the old fuel and clean the carburetor bowl. A blocked carburetor and a damaged spark plug are also potential causes of this problem. Have a technician check these components for you if possible.

If your area gets some snow every now and then, it is necessary to arm yourself with a snow blower and make sure it is in good working condition. This is your way of ensuring that you don’t have to grab that heavy shovel anytime soon. As a mechanical device, a snow blower demands good attention. So, you had better get familiar with the problems outlined here and many others that may strike when you least expect. If you feel you don’t have the necessary expertise (for example replacing a carburetor), then hire an experienced technician to handle the job.

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