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Best Tents for Hiking the Appalachian Trail

Appalachian Trail is located in Georgia and it stretches 2,000 miles from Georgia to Maine. However, this trail is characterized by mountain terrain and densely forest. Besides, it has varying temperatures both hot and cold. In addition, it has dangerous insects and hikers always compete for camping spaces. So, for all these reasons, you have to select the best tents for hiking the Appalachian Trail that will make your camping memorable.

Depending on your wallet, availability of campsites, night temperatures, and your tolerance to carry the gear, below are options for you consider.

Double Walled Tents

Double Walled Tents

This product will offer you safe protection especially during the cooler spring and autumn season months of the Appalachian Trail. It’s also ideal when the weather is cool or when it’s windy. This item has an inner tent with a bathtub floor and mesh wall. Also, it features a separate rain fly that collects any condensation that might occur.

There are two types of the Double Walled tents. Those that you pitch the rain fly and inner tent at the same time and those that you set up the inner tent then later pitch the rain fly.

Hammock and Tarp

Hammock and Tarp

Hammock and Tarp is one of the best tents for hiking the Appalachian Trail as it comes in a variety of length, shape, and weight. One big plus with this product is that you can camp anywhere as long as there are trees, to tie your tent. So, even is the camp places are full or if the terrain is not conducive to camp, the campsite is flooded due to rain, you now know the product that you can rely on.

The only disadvantage with this gear is that you cannot use it where there are no trees. It also needs extra insulation and wind protective layers under 60-70 degrees which when compared to others are expensive, heavy, and bulky.

Flat Tarps

Flat Tarps

If you are a hiker, you may also consider this product. There are square or rectangle tarps which have 90 degrees corners. These tents are adaptable, light in weight, and inexpensive.  They can be set up in a tiny area. Besides, they can incorporate landscape features. It can be pitched using trekking poles or tied on shrubs. It doesn’t require a flat surface to set up. Finally, it can be configured in several ways including landscape features like fallen boulders or logs.

It, however, has some disadvantages too. For you to set up, you’ll need to be more creative. It also requires some form of bug protection like the bug net and it doesn’t provide much damp, cold or wind protection.

Other products you can list for Appalachian Trail hike are; Shaped Tarps tents, Freestanding Black Diamond Firstlight tent, and Wild Country Zephyros 1 tent. All these products are good, however; they differ in terms of use price and features too. Depending on the season you will be hiking and your wallet is likely to be key factors that will decide which model you will go with.


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  1. My daughter has been begging to go on a trip like this so now I have to decide on the right one! Thanks!

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