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Best Extension Cord for Electric Snow Blower

The arrival of winter makes everyone rush to the living room for some warmth. Extreme snowy conditions care less about this instinct; they can bring challenges that only worsen the season. The extension cable may have been flawless throughout summer, but wait until temperatures start dropping. Many extension cords for electric snow blower turn worthless. For your snow blower to remain reliable this winter, you had better start looking for the best extension cord for electric snow blower now.

Best Extension Cord for Electric Snow Blower

Cord Capable of Beating the Cold

Cold weather can really affect the flexibility of a standard extension cord, the reason you should insist on the best quality. You don’t want to get it wrong from the start by getting an indoor extension cord for an outdoor one. An extension cord for electric snow blower should first and foremost have a durable insulation. This makes it resistant to harsh elements such as moisture and temperature variations.

Safety is Paramount

The first safety precaution is to ensure that the cord is meant for outdoor applications. Apart from the design characteristics explained in the first point, the cables should have passed approval by the relevant agencies, for example OHSA. Get a cable that is rated for very low temperatures (-40°C). The manufacturers will always give a rating that goes with the cord length. For example, a 50 feet long cord should be at least 16-gauge. To determine the gauge of the best extension cord for electric snow blower, you need to determine how far you want the machine to go. Still on safety, the cable should be bright to avoid accidents.

Best Extension Cord for Electric Snow Blower-Options

Competition for the best extension cable is extremely high because there are so many quality brands. You will need to be very keen about your specific preferences to make the right decision. World class manufacturers such as Woods, Iron Forge Cable and Aurum Cables are constantly releasing exciting products to the market.

Some impressive extension cords you might want to consider include Yellow Jacket 2737, US Wire 74025, Coleman Cable 02408 and US Wire 74100. These cords have proven to be very functional and have received high user ratings online. The first advantage with these cords is that they are at least 50 feet long so you can easily remove snow from the whole driveway. They cords are also covered with resistant jackets that protect the inside from water and other elements.

Very few people have fond memories regarding clearing the driveway during winter. Even those using plug-in electric snow blowers and old and ineffective extension cords don’t like the sight of snow. If you are one of the victims, you can change all that by being careful about the type of extension cord you use. A good extension cord helps you maximize the surface area you can clear and how well you do the job. While the cord should have strong insulation, it should also be flexible enough to allow for maneuvers around your property. What cord are using and has it impressed so far? Share you sentiments here.

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