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Best Cheese for Mouse Traps

Mice are instinctive, smart, and crafty, no doubt about that. Their sense of smell, hearing, and vision is not what the majority expect and for this reason, trapping them proves to be a challenge. Apart from that, these rodents love nuts and small seeds but with modern technology, there are dubious ways to trap these rodents. But because mice are so creative, they are likely to sneak away before they get caught. Below are best cheeses for mouse traps.

Best Cheese for Mouse Traps

  • Strong smelling soft cheese
  • Chunky or smooth peanut butter
  • Sweet soft candies (not hard ones) or gumdrops
  • Chocolates
  • Small slices of hot dog either cooked or raw
  • Pet food; Wet cat or dog food for that matter is effectual.
  • Bacon bits that are either raw or those you have cooked yourself- Bacon grease also work well but not those from a jar or can.
  • Bird seeds or nuts
  • A dollop of maple syrup
  • Bits of cracker mixed with butter

When you are selecting the best cheese for mouse traps, look for that with a strong smell. Strong smell will easily attract mice into the trap. For this reason, foods rich in protein and fat are a good choice. The above-named options are considered the best and most effective mice traps.

What to do if the Mouse Trap isn’t working?

If you have been using one variety of traps for some time and you notice some inefficiency, perhaps it is time to try another method. These are some suggestions for you.

  1. There are a variety of mice traps available which are effective. Try another variety of mouse trap. It’s advisable you try more than one method.
  2. Consider using a highly sensitive trap capable of censoring when the mice are around. Still, the mice might have babies which are not weighty enough to trigger the trap splinter mechanism. For this reason, electric mouse traps are preferred because they are more sensitive than mot mice traps.
  3. Move your mouse trap to the spot where mice activities are vigorous. Alternatively, you can set your trap adjacent to high traffic area. This should be so if the trap in a high-traffic area isn’t working. Or, you can set it far from these areas.
  4. If you find the mice trap is gone and did not trap the mice, chances are the trigger isn’t sensitive enough. At this point, take a small amount of sticky mouse trap bait in the bait station. Push a tidbit in the middle of the peanut butter. This will entice the mouse thus making it stop on the platform thus applying more pressure to the trigger. As a result, it won’t run away.
  5. You can also try another mouse trap variety.

In summary, it’s not easy to settle on the best method for mouse trap especially if you not getting the required results. However, I believe with this information together with some common sense, you should get the results you are expecting. Finally, don’t just rely on one method.

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