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Best Broadleaf Weed Control for Lawns

Do you sometimes wonder, “How can I eliminate these dandelions safely?” If this and other broadleaf weeds are giving you nightmares, know that it is possible to control them without harming the environment. Using the organic method is the secret. Yes, this might be a slower method than application of chemicals, but it does have its positives. People who have opted for organic best broadleaf weed control for lawns have nothing but lots of praise for the methods.

Best Broadleaf Weed Control for Lawns

Organic Methods Difficult, But Reliable

One of the marked differences between chemicals and organic products is in the way each version of weed killer operates. While chemicals will travel throughout the plant system, organic products only kill the contacted part. This is why some users find it difficult to get results from organic weed killers. For organic methods, you need to suppress the top part of the weed continuously until the root dies. Homeowners who for one reason or another are unable to remain vigilant for some time may find it hard to accept this as the best broadleaf weed control for lawns.

Not So With Chemicals

Application of chemical herbicides is easy, as you only need to surface of the weed. Soon after application, the herbicide moves to the stem and roots, killing the weed instantly. While the control method is swift, its long-term effects on the lawn can be devastating.

Organic Examples of Best Broadleaf Weed Control for Lawns

Generally, there are two categories of effective ways of controlling broadleaf weeds naturally. The options are acetic acid post emergent herbicides and pre emergent herbicides. Vinegar and citrus oil based herbicides belong to the first category.

The power of post emergent herbicides lies in its ability to dehydrate and kill the weed. Kitchen vinegar has a very low concentration of acetic acid, so it might not be effective. Get vinegar with at least 20% concentration from the stores and apply it dandelion and the likes. At this concentration, vinegar can damage skin and eyes. Therefore, adhere to label instructions during application.

Corn Gluten Meal is a popular pre emergent herbicide, though it can be disappointing if the environmental conditions are not right. Northern climates seem to be favorable for the herbicide, as do lawns harbored by Kentucky bluegrass. How does it work? It simply attacks the roots of seedlings. You can use it on most annual weeds.

Tips to Increase Effectiveness of Organic Weed Killers

In most cases, the performance of organic weed control depends on the application method rather than the capability of the product. If you would like to get better results, here are some tips.

  • Apply severally for large broadleaf weeds
  • Treat the weeds when they are still small
  • Ensure thorough spray coverage
  • Consider applying in warm weather (at least 75°F)

The Verdict

Organic weed control for lawns is both safe and effective, especially if used as part of a bigger weed control program. Although not as long-term as what you get from Roundup and other glyphosate-containing products, it fits perfectly for those whose priority is safety of the environment.



  1. Yeah, if not used carefully, chemical pesticides can do some pretty bad things to an otherwise beautiful lawn. Organic options really are worth a try first.

  2. Yea I didn’t treat my weeds while still small and that was my mistake! I guess I know what is up now!

  3. Well I love the idea of using an organic option. Now just to find the perfect one.

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